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For residential chain link installation we use higher quality
materials then those commonly available in most "home supply
stores." The rule of thumb is "the lower the gauge
number the thicker and heavier the steel." The standard
sold at  home supply outlets is lightweight 11 gauge fence fabric and thin walled tubing is used for the posts.
Our standard for residential installations is to use 9 gauge fence fabric and heavy gauge posts. The advantage
being that the thicker the steel and the heavier the galvanized
coating, the longer your fence will last as well as being much
stronger.  drewsironworks@aol.com
We install heavy duty fencing chain link with full commercial applications such as driveway roll gates, barbed wire, razor ribbon, industrial drop rods and heavy duty hardware. Repairs and fence maintenance  is available for all customers in our service area.
Steel & Aluminum:
We Fabricate and install all types of Ornamental Wrought Iron and Steel Fencing, providing quality custom workmanship at competitive prices. Aluminum fence panels are becoming more popular and are available in a variety of "wrought iron type" styles. The advantages of using aluminum panels are they never need painting or maintenance and no on site welding is required to install.
 The excessive weight of solid wrought iron fence panels has made shipping this product impractical. Panels and staircases are limited to our local service area and installed by our crews.
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Jerith Aluminum Fence:                                                                                                                            Drews Iron & Fencing is a proud distributor of Jerith high quality aluminum fencing double powder coated components that will last a lifetime.           Click the Jerith photo for more info:                                                  



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